A Special Event Report on SSSS.DYNAZENON at Tokyo Comic Con 2020, Chock-Full of New Information!

Tokyo Comic Con 2020 was held online this year and included a special event where new information was announced regarding SSSS.DYNAZENON, an original anime by Akira Amemiya. Amemiya also worked on SSSS.GRIDMAN.

During the event, a promotional video was shown, followed by a talk show featuring Daiki Hamano, who voices Gauma; Junya Enoki, who voices Yomogi Asanaka; Shion Wakayama, who voices Yume Minami; Yuuichiro Umehara, who voices Koyomi Yamanaka; and Chika Anzai, who voices Chise Asukagawa.

The event started with the screening of a new mysterious promotional video featuring some of Dynazenon’s dynamic action scenes, along with intriguing lines from the different characters.
Upon seeing all the new scenes in the video, Shion Wakayama said, “now that this is out, I feel like it’s finally time.” All of the guests grew excited when it was announced that the anime will start airing in April 2021. The very first shot of Dynazenon’s full body was revealed to a chorus of cheers and people exclaiming “how cool!”
New characters were also announced for the first time. These characters were Juuga and Onija, and they looked entirely different from previously revealed characters like Gauma, Yomogi, and Yume. “Are they in a band?” “They look like idols.” “Why does Inamoto-san get an honorific after her name? Is she the manager of the idol group?” were some of the comments made by the guests.
Partway through the event, Yuuma Uchida, Onija’s actor, appeared as a secret guest. He made everyone laugh when he said “my character is dressed pretty well compared to all the kids,” when he was prompted for a comment about Onija.

The actors are currently in the middle of recording their lines, and Daiki Hamano said that they worked with the staff to create a system where everyone could be safe from COVID-19. He also described the environment of the studio: “We’ve all been on the same page regarding the way we’re acting out our characters since episode 1, so it was very easy for me to enter the world of SSSS.DYNAZENON.”
He stated, “I was nervous in the studio, but all of the other actors helped me out. It’s a great environment.” After that, every time another guest described the atmosphere of the studio, he called out “great environment!” and jokingly asked, “are we required to call it that?”

One of the most important parts of this anime are the designs of Dynazenon and the kaiju, and they announced the design team during the event. Dynazenon was designed by Tsuyoshi Nonaka while the kaiju design team is made up of Shinji Nishikawa, Yasushi Torisawa, Hiroshi Maruyama, Kiyotaka Taguchi, Hideo Okamoto, Ichiro Itano, and Masayuki Goto, all distinguished names in the worlds of anime and tokusatsu series.
Also, the mechanic sequence director is Gen Asano, who also worked on SSSS.GRIDMAN, so we can expect SSSS.DYNAZENON to be a high quality battle anime.

At the end of the event, Dynazenon made a surprise appearance. Its dignified and cool design really excited the guests, who all did Dynazenon’s pose for a commemorative photo.
“The start date has finally been announced. SSSS.GRIDMAN will be rerun and they’ve also announced that the Blu-ray box set will go on sale, so expectations for the new anime are only getting greater. Please watch the reruns of SSSS.GRIDMAN in January and see if you can come up with any ideas of what to find in SSSS.DYNAZENON!” said Hamano as his closing greeting.

SSSS.DYNAZENON is an ambitious project created by legends of the anime and tokusatsu industries. Please look forward to when it will start airing in April!